Saturday, February 20, 2010

Facebook Application Review of Cold War: Clambake

Facebook Application Cold War - Logo
Cold War in FACEBOOK

Today's Facebook Application Review is about Cold War: Clambake in my opinion the possible next big hit on role-playing games following the steps of the great and successful Farm Ville.

The idea of this Facebook Application as their authors say "it's about competing for good or evil in communist propaganda campaigns using ice cream trucks to target pets, subversive boy bands that use ultrasonic waves to drive American youth insane, and other deadly, outlandish scenarios".

When you install this addictive and fun Facebook game, the first thing that you are requested to do is to pick a side, customize your avatar, and follow some simple instructions to get you ready to start world domination.

Facebook Application Cold War - Avatar
When it comes to describing this Facebook Application or trying to categorize it, the best thing would be to say that Cold War is the meeting point of a virtual world ,social media and comics.

Most probably this game will make it to the top list of RPG Facebook games, because everything up to the last detail has been sculpted in the right way, with the right amounts of explanations, graphics and missions.

Facebook Application Cold War - MissionsMy qualification for this Facebook Application Review is 4.7 out of 5. In my humble opinion this Facebook app will be responsible for keeping us busy on Facebook some extra minutes every day.. so get your allies aligned, earn intelligence points by doing the right missions... and get ready to take over the enemy.

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