Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook Application Review of Crane BlueBook

Visual Tagging on FACEBOOK

It's being a while since my last Facebook Application Review, but life has been quite busy lately, but now I am back and today I will review the Facebook Application called Crane BlueBook.

This Facebook app enables you to "tag" your friends statuses with one out of the 12 fun and visually iconic BlueBooks icons. These icons range from congratulatory to gently critical so basically you will be able to tell your friends almost everything through them, and if you feel that they are not enough you can always add a comment.

The use of this Facebook Application is very simple and intuitive. Once you install the app you will see your friends listed on the left with their updated status, and an empty box that you will need to fill by dragging one of the 12 books that you have on the right side of the app. Once you have "Tagged" your friends you click the post button and you are done.

Maybe by using this very nice designed Facebook app you will be able to tell all those things that you never dared to say with words by using one of the cool icons offered.

It would be very good also if within the Application users could request/suggest more icons so as to fit the needs of every user.

Overall this Facebook Application is very simple, and fun to use. I think that the challenge will be to make users return to it after using it for the first time, since there is no rewarding or follow up of the actions that you do with the app.

The qualification for this Facebook Review is 4 out of 5. Because of it's design and usability. Maybe if the approach would be more social to generate a long term engagement between the users that use the app, they could get some extra points. Still one of the best designed so far out of the previous Facebook Applications reviewed on this Blog.