Friday, January 1, 2010

Facebook Application Review of ShtListr

Facebook Application ShtListr - logo

Strike One on FACEBOOK

Today's Facebook Application Review is about the fun App called ShitListr. The concept of this Facebook app is very simple, let's say a friend ditches you at a party or someone forgets your birthday -- you're mad at them, but still not enough to remove them from your Facebook friends. Well that's exactly where this Facebook Application starts being useful by letting you add them to your shit list.

So once you had add some of your "not that good friends" in this Facebook Application list a notification will be posted into their wall stating the reason why they have been added to your ShitList. The cool thing about this simple and very easy to use application is that from this point- "after strike one" - the whole Facebook community can vote in order to promote your added friends and raise their "Crapularity" in the rankings.

Overall this Facebook app looks very nice, they made a good job in terms of UI and design. The only downside that I found it is the fact that some of the posts look a little bit spammy, so maybe some moderation or flagging system could help to guarantee the fun of the ecosystem created by this Application.

My qualification for this Facebook Review is 4.2 out of 5, a cool and fresh idea with a nice design... so go ahead and start adding those nominated friends that we all have and some times do not understand what did they do wrong.