Friday, February 27, 2009

Facebook Application Review of No Reservations

Eating & Traveling with FACEBOOK

Have you heard about the show called No reservations hosted by Anthony Bourdain??, well my friends if you did I have no doubt you will enjoy this Facebook Review, because yes you are guessing right...they made a Facebook Application.

The No Reservations Facebook Application is basically the shows idea translated into a Facebook App letting all the users be the hosts of the adventure. If you have never heard about the show, the main idea of it is traveling and trying as many different dishes as destinations reached.

When you install this Facebook Application you will find yourself with a world map with some land marks, and in the lower right side the description of each of the signs inside the map. Basically the main idea is to allow you to locate according all your favorite places restaurants and create a Review of them so as to earn points. Those points will let the user improve their reputation and also change the points for prizes.

The good think about this Application is that everyone can add their favorite place regardless the scale of the business allowing each of the users share what they like the most and maybe who knows catching Anthonys attention to make a show in that country.

So basically this is all there is for this Facebook Review, my qualification is a solid 4.2 out of 5, honestly I love the show, I love eating & I love traveling so it makes sense right?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook Application Review of My Snow Buddy

Find your Snow Buddy on FACEBOOK

Today Facebook Application Review is about the new app called My Snow Buddy. This useful Application connects skiers/snowboarders from British Columbia to each other and also allows them to organize or find rides up to any of the local mountains.

The mountains included in this Facebook Application are Whistler, Hemlock, Grouse, Cypress and Seymour planning to add more titles soon.

Once you install this Facebook Application the first thing that you have to do is to fill a very short and concise profile detailing what kind of sports do you practice so as to make the right listing and let you find your "Snow Buddy".

The main idea of the creators of this Application as they told me while I was doing the right research to write this Facebook Review was not only to help people meet new people with the same passion for the snow sports but also to encourage people to share rides so as to reduce emissions, which is something that I totally support. That's why inside this app you can either post a ride hosted by you, listing all the details of the offer such as time of the ride, available seats, type of car, etc and also apply to people that already posted their offer and are willing to share their ride with you.

Some other features of this Facebook App, are weather conditions and a Sell & Buy market where you can post the equipment that you want sell and maybe(who knows?) make some extra money and/or find that board that you desperately wanted to buy but couldn't afford to buy it new.

So my qualification for this Facebook Review is 4.2 out of 5, design, usability and presentation of the information are very well achieved. I liked it and I am just hoping to see more mountains soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Facebook Application Review of Friend Grade

Facebook will tell you How good your friends are!!

Today the Facebook Application Review is about the new app called Friend Grade and is basically about knowing how good do your friends know you.

Basically this fun and simple Facebook Application is about ranking your friends by grading them from A+ to F based on how accurately they answer a short list of 5 questions after you answer them.

The smart thing about this Facebook Application is that is simple and it's viral, meaning that once your part of answering the 5 multiple choice you need the help of your peers in order to see the final score resulting on a chain reaction of people using the same application checking out how well do they friends know them.

Overall this is a simple fast and fun Facebook App, and the qualification for this Facebook Review is 4 out of 5.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Facebook Application Review of Be a Tycoon

With FACEBOOK you can be a Tycoon

Today's Facebook Review is about the successful Application called Be a Tycoon. This interesting and very addictive Application is for those who are into checking out how good they can be with big dollars in their hands.

Once you install this Facebook Application the first you see you will see is the Buy low and sell High to build your empire, explanation like summarizing what this whole game is about.

There are several actions that a user can do in order to get more money to be able to increase the size of your empire. This actions might require from you to return every 4 hours to this Facebook Application so as to receive some extra cash, and also they offer you to get CEO point every time you invite one of your friends to start using this Facebook Application turning them into your shareholders.

One of the things that I really like about this Facebook Application is the time factor, which really solves the fact that most of Facebook Applications reviewed before are static and it really doesn't matter how ofter you use them. In this Application whatever you do will have it's consequences in the near future and whatever you decide to do with your investments will have a "Market Response" every time the clock starts over.

Overall this Facebook Application is very fun and challenging, even though they could have done a better job with the graphics and UI (User Interface), but this turns to be a minor detail while playing and deciding what will be your next move in the run to build your Empire.

So my recommendation is to give it a try, I really liked this application so my qualification for this Facebook Review is 4.3 out of 5.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facebook Application Review of Who is your inner DIVA?

There are lot's of DIVAS in FACEBOOK... ARE YOU ONE OF THEM??

Hey there, this Facebook Review is going to be short and to the point, because in one of my hours looking for new applications to Review in this Blog I bumped into this Quiz type application called Who is your inner DIVA??, and of course after a title like that I couldn't resist myself to see my result.

Overall this Facebook Application is one out of the thousands out there where you have to answer some questions so as to get the final/amazing/unexpected(irony) result.

Well bottom line I did the test and my result was Beyonce and here goes a very poetic description of how am I....and a beatuifull Beyonce picture.

That's all folks, nothing else to do around here... but before that my qualification for this Facebook Review. 1.5 out of 5. Not a good day of Facebook Applications, but you know what they say... "the night is not going to last forever"... and of course some credit to the catching name of this App.

Facebook Application Review of Cellufun


Hi there, its me back for good... and I know I've been out for some time but you know sometimes things happen and it takes some time to get things back to normal... but that's it it's over now so more and more Facebook Application Reviews will be posted in this Blog.

Today's Facebook Review is about the Application called Cellufun which is as they describe a community-driven mobile gaming portal.... what does that mean??-- well to be honest until you don't get to work with the Application you are just confused... but afterwards everything clears up.

Once you install this Facebook Application you will find yourself in a place with different options, some sort of Miniportal inside the Facebook app.

The options are the following
  • My Cellufun Page, which is kind of a profile page but with none or almost none design whatsoever...
  • Play Games...apparently only meant to give page impressions because no matter what you want to do inside the games the page will be reloaded showing more and more advertising...
  • Visit the cafe... I still don't really understand what's this for...
  • What's new, no need to explain this part of the Application.
So that's pretty much all there is, one good thing is that some of the games reminded me when I was a little kid spending crazy hours with the Atari, playing most of my time games that only by using this Facebook Application while doing this Review came back to my head.

Overall nothing interesting around this Facebook App. If you are looking for real fun look somewhere else :-0( ... My Qualification is 1.2 out of 5.