Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Facebook Application Review of Cellufun


Hi there, its me back for good... and I know I've been out for some time but you know sometimes things happen and it takes some time to get things back to normal... but that's it it's over now so more and more Facebook Application Reviews will be posted in this Blog.

Today's Facebook Review is about the Application called Cellufun which is as they describe a community-driven mobile gaming portal.... what does that mean??-- well to be honest until you don't get to work with the Application you are just confused... but afterwards everything clears up.

Once you install this Facebook Application you will find yourself in a place with different options, some sort of Miniportal inside the Facebook app.

The options are the following
  • My Cellufun Page, which is kind of a profile page but with none or almost none design whatsoever...
  • Play Games...apparently only meant to give page impressions because no matter what you want to do inside the games the page will be reloaded showing more and more advertising...
  • Visit the cafe... I still don't really understand what's this for...
  • What's new, no need to explain this part of the Application.
So that's pretty much all there is, one good thing is that some of the games reminded me when I was a little kid spending crazy hours with the Atari, playing most of my time games that only by using this Facebook Application while doing this Review came back to my head.

Overall nothing interesting around this Facebook App. If you are looking for real fun look somewhere else :-0( ... My Qualification is 1.2 out of 5.

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