Monday, September 29, 2008

Facebook Application Review of Roommate

Looking for a Roommate? - Open your FACEBOOK and find it!!
Facebook Application Review of Roommate
Today's Facebook Review is about the Application called Roommate. The idea of writing this review came some weeks ago when I had to leave my flat and start looking again for a place to rent and... a new roommate... which is the hardest part of the whole moving in moving out thing.

This Facebook Application is basically about helping you to do that in the best way possible. First when you install the app you have to fill a form scoring different things that will give you a hint of how compatible you can be with the other people that as well as you are looking for someone to live with.

The questionnaire of the Application is very complete covering almost the most important things that you should know before you accept living with someone else. And I personally think while writing this Facebook Review, that the answers of those questions can really give you an honest picture of the person to be accepted (or not) as your next roommate.

Once the questionnaire is finished, the Application Roommate will tell you which are the most compatible Roommates for you according to the answers provided in your and their questionnaires. Also in this Facebook Application you can post an add to look for a Roommate.

There are is at least one thing that I would definitely add to this Facebook Application so as to make it more accurate and useful for the wide audience of Facebook. This addition would be the option to browse by country and state, because being compatible with somebody is useless if you don't want to live in the same country/city

In conclusion this Facebook Application is useful but could be developed more in order to take it to the next level. The idea and the aiming is correct, but I personally think that if they would really add all the required features so as to really help the Facebook users to find a compatible Roommate this Application could be an amazing tool.

My qualification for this Facebook Application Review is 3 out of 5. The idea as I said before is great, but yet there are lot's of things to be done in order to make it a 5.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Facebook Application Review of Most Likely to..

What Happens in Vegas stays in FACEBOOK

Today's Facebook Review is about the Application Most Likely to inspired on the Comedy what Happens in Vega's starred by Ashton and Cameron Diaz.

This Facebook Application is about letting your friend know what do you think of them by assigning them labels on some crazy things that happen in the movie. There are some very funny labels such as
  • Start a Crappy Candle Business
  • Be a Marriage Counselor
  • Have a Vile of Crabs
  • Be a Stripper
So basically after you install this Facebook Application you have to select out of your Facebook friends which one fits better for the label provided. Once they are selected in the Jackpot you save the selected. Then they will receive the most likely to message.... in my case to be a Stripper ( I actually do not know why my friends would think of me like that)

Regarding the usability and design, there are no complains, it's a simple, fun and easy to use Facebook Application.

My qualification for this Facebook Review is 4 out of 5 maybe because I really had a great time when I watched the movie and this simple App took me back to that night, so my recommendation in order to enjoy the most of this application would be to watch the film What Happens in Vega's because only after that you will be able to really laugh and enjoy the labels and make it fun for you and your friends.