Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Facebook Application Review of The Wishlist

What I want in FACEBOOK

Today's Facebook Review is about the Application called the Wishlist which is exactly what you might imagine while reading the title of the App.

Basically once you install the Application you ll get the Sortprice.com search engine. Then you have write the name of any product that you would like to add to your wishlist and after this you make the search.

Once the results are showed there are different things that can be done.
  1. Add the product to your Whishlist so as to give a clue to your Facebook friends on what you are expecting to receive in your future anniversaries.
  2. You can share the product found with all your Facebook friends by posting it on your profile, or with somebody in particular by sending the description of the product in a personal message.
  3. You can make a Review of the product.
  4. You can visit the Shop site where the product is being sold.

One good thing about this application is that you see your friends Whishlists which is good when you run out of ideas for presents and also the fact that this whole Facebook Application is based in the Sortprice results which are very accurate and good for the customers.

So my qualification for this Facebook Application Review is 4.3, I like application like this one that help the Facebook users to make smart buying.

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