Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Facebook Application Review of myPick U.S, Election 2008

Vote for the best in FACEBOOK

Today's Facebook Review is about the new and current Facebook Application called myPick U.S. Elections 2008.... and yes this app is about one of the most important events that the US is living these days (besides the banks falling apart).

When I was doing this Facebook Review the first thing that came to my head was when I did in this same blog a Review of an Application about the elections in Canada, and now almost one year later this Application in front of me covering the same topic (different country of course) and all the improvements and differences (good ones) that we can see on this Facebook Application compared to the one made some time ago.

When you install this Application the first thing you have to do is to fill the state where you are located and also chose a slogan that could identify your campaign. Once you finish with this, you have to answer two simple questions related with the coming elections, and that's it. From there you will get access to a map with all the results of this poll. The colore in the map show the estimated results according to the questions provided by the Facebook users that installed the Application.

Also you can find in this Application other diferent types of polls where you can answer which of the candidates is better for this and that, and provide a free comment around the question asked.

On this Application every time you participate either by answering questions, or playing the Trivia or voting other candidates you gain points that will let you postulate for different "positions"in the future elections, so if yo want to run for president you really have to take this App seriuosly.

I think that one positive thing about this Application is that the Facebook users will get the chance to raise their voice and maybe say something interesting that can help others to make a wise decision while voting.

I liked this application, specially more when I compare it with the old one Reviewed and I see how many improvements can be done in so few time. My qualification for this Facebook Review is 4 out of 5.

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Daryo Tabayani Siampa said...

What a good application.
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