Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Facebook Application Swap It by zeroCode

Swap your pieces in FACEBOOK before the time out!!!

Hey my friends, todays Facebook application review is about this fun application called SWAP IT. This application is a fun game that will give you hours of entertainment if you are down with this type of mind challenging games.

The application starts as pretty much all the facebook applications reviewed in this Blog, with your friend's invitation to install the app. After that, we get to the main page of the application where a board of 8 columns and 8 rows will be loaded with lot's of different pictures related with one specific theme. One's the whole board is loaded, time starts to go.

The rules of this application as explained on it are as followed:

"Swap adjacent images to make sets of 3 or more. Align more images to score higher.
Want a fast game? - Use our hint option - BUT your scores also take a dive"

Now, what we have to do is with all our pieces and our time running (by the way nice clock timer!!!), is to start swapping pieces to group them in groups of three or more. Once this is achieved the grouped pieces disappeared giving us some points, and gravity comes to play... Jaja I mean all the pieces that where over the grouped pieces, will occupied the space of those gone to let new pieces come to play.

There are different themes in this facebook application, such as alphabets, animals, cars, Christmas, soft drinks etc. Plus a light bulb that will give you a hint when you click on it (sometimes you really need this application to help you)

What's also interesting about his facebook application is that when you score some points, all the scene might change radically and the game "takes a different color"-I mean the pieces to challenge you even more in your next swap!!

So this is pretty much all there is to say about his application that I really liked it, so I totally recommend it and my qualification is a 4.3 out of 5, because it gave me a hard time while writing this Review becuse I spend most of my time playing instead of writing!!
Good job guys!!

Swap it!!


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