Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Facebook Application Review of Classy Gifts by zeroCode

Ooops I forgot your present!!! - Give me a Second in FACEBOOK

Hey there my friends, today's review is about the Facebook Application named Classy Gifts that will help lot's of the readers of this Facebook blog during this days that are coming soon. Yes, I've been there as well, where Valentine's Day is about to come and you know (because we know, the problem is that we always forget about it), that you MUST care about it, and you can not let it pass through. So for you my Facebook blog reader, the review of this application is here to tell you that there might be a solution to your problem, and of course also for our female audience(but probably they will not seek for solutions in Facebook)....

This Facebook application called Classy gifts is the type of application that obviously (by just reading it's name), is about gifts to send to your friends throughout Facebook.
So getting into this type of applications, this one by far is the best (I've reviewed yet) in terms of gifts available to send, plus something that before I installed this application I never saw in other applications like this which is the option of selecting the wrapping paper while sending the gift.

This Facebook application is simply, that's good because when it gets to this type of applications
you want to get it done easily and fast!!!, so basically you open the app, you select a gift then the wrapper for the gift and finally to whom you want to send this precious gift.

Comment: The resolution of the gifts is really good, plus the option of selecting gifts by topic(like all the other gift's application)- NOW you have the Valentine's Day Topic!! - Thank you for the life saver!!. There are also some tabs of this application to check sent gifts to our friends in Facebook plus the ones they sent to us....

So this is it, my qualification of this Facebook Review that (comparing with similar applications obviously, I think this one is by far one of the bests) is a 3.7 out of 5. So for Valentine's Day, send a beautiful gift to your beloved, or friend with this new Facebook application Classy Gifts, it's free and it only takes 2 minutes!!!

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